The Charlton House Ghost

  • 29 Oct 2021
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Charlton House, three miles from Evesham, was formerly the property of the Dineley family, and saw the commencement of the bitter family fued between Sir John Dineley Goodere and his brother, Capt Samuel Goodere, which culminated when Sir John was strangled aboard Capt. Goodere's ship, the Ruby, in Bristol Roads,1741. 

Tradition affirms that Sir John's ghost frequented Charlton House until it was found necessary that something should be done. Accordingly, twelve clergymen were invited to the mansion, and when the ghost appeared each one began to chant and pray separately, and it is sadi that the ghost mastered each one until the telth, that divine was able to overcome the spectre and lay him in a barrel of wine, which was securely bricked up in a corner of the cellar. Years later, about 1900 the cellar was thoroughly overhauled and greatly enlarged - but the ghost has never been heard of since.