Cropthorne and Hinton Ghosts

  • 29 Oct 2021
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A contemporary account (January 1899) goes as follows:

'At Cropthorne, a beautiful place stands vacant because successive owners have found it impossible to keep servants there. A booted something enters at the front door, crosses the hall, ascends... the stairs and proceeds to the attic, where it apparently sits down and casts off first one shoe then the other. The previous lessees of this place, who are were alive at the time of Bill 's research recalls how they stood on the stairs and heard the footsteps pass between them, and the dogs had remained paralysed with terror, their hair literally standing on end'.

The same phenomena occurred at Hinton -on-the-Green. The Rev. G.A. Baker of Hinton, reported that it took place at the Old Manor House, and that at last it became so unbearable that a portion of the building had to be pulled down:

'At Bretforton, Mr. Parker's house is haunted, and there are ghosts at Harvington Grange and a house at Church Lench'.