'Cut Rates - We've a Ghost'

  • 29 Oct 2021
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Mrs. l. M. Hopkins, who lived at Prior's Court, Callow End, 9March 1956), asked a Valuation Court that her rates be reduced because a ghost known as the Grey Lady is causing staff trouble. She told the Court at Upton-on-Severn, that being about to engage 'a very nice couple' they had heard in the village about the ghost, and refused to stay. Even now local folk would not stay in the house after dark. Mrs Hopkins rates were reduced but for other reasons. The ghost story goes back to the 16th century. Two women, a mother and daughter, sought refuge in the court where a prior and some monks lived. In the night monks murdered the women. Now the daughter in her long grey cloak, and the murderers, come back to haunt the house. One ghost was laid by a clergyman in 1906, but the other stayed. Mrs. Hopkins had not seen it, bur had felt its presence