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History of Worcester & Worcestershire


Bill Gwilliam from an early age, must have developed a very keen interest in the history of Worcestershire, as a result of which he became the leading authority on the subject, and in 1998 was awarded the MBE for his work.

Bill wrote many books regarding Worcester's past, and one has to read these books to realise just how much time he must have spent in researching his subjects. Many Worcester people go about their daily chores without even knowing the significance of some of the buildings they pass daily, but Bill describes in detail in his books events as far back as 961, not only does he write about books such as the Cathedral, St Wulstans, the old Prison and many many more places, but he also tells us about many individuals including Edward Elgar, Vesta Tilley, Woodbine Willie, and Mr Lea and Mr Perrins, where the first Worcester Pearmain apple was grown and the history of Berrows the world's oldest newspaper, such is the diversity of his work. We often see Bill's name mentioned in Worcester Evening News articles Memory Lane by Michael Grundy who often met Bill to discuss suitable subjects for Memory Lane features.

This website is the chronicle History of Worcestershire and a tribute to the lifelong research of Bill Gwilliam to whom we owe so much by keeping our faithful City of Worcester and the County of Worcestershire's history alive for generations to benefit from in the future. Pam Hinks will continue to add to Bill's research and continue to add more modern day changes including the extensive research undertaken over a period of twenty years investigating William Shakespeare and the Sanders family.  .

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