Healing by Charms

  • 25 Jun 2019
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Belief in charms survived well into the present century, especially for the cure of mysterious troubles that poultices and physic did not seem to touch, such as warts, skin diseases and fits. The charmer blew three times round the head of the patient, made mystic passes with his hands over the part afflicted and repeated an incantation in a low mumbling voice with the express intention that the words should not be understood.

There was also an acknowledgement that no thanks must be uttered or an acknowledgement offered at the time, though present might be made to the charmer providing no statement as to the reasons of the giving made.

One charm known as Mrs. Robinson's Charm was used by an old mid-wife, and went as follows; 'A charm, a charm, round Robin Hood's barn; if l can't do you any good, l won't do you any harm.' And another by a male charmer went; 'There came three angels out of the north, one carried fire and the other wrath. Out of the first there came forth fire, Blessed Jesu, Blessed Jesu, Alleluiah, Amen, Amen.'