Temporary Station at Midland Road

  • 12 Feb 2012
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For five years, until 1859, Worcester passengers had to use a horse bus to catch the train at Spetchley, 'a huddling of 15 persons in a lumbering conveyance for an hour's tedious jolting', and when at least the O.W & W was empowered by the Select Committee  to build a branch line to Abbots Wood, ( before other O.W. & W  lines were open). it was operated by the Midland Railway at a minimum rental of £3,200 per year. Trains ran from Worcester to Spechley, via Abbots Wood, in November 1850. A temporary station built on a causeway across a valley (now Midland Road), was Worcester's first station. When the Worcester branch opened there were 6 trains on week-days and 3 on Sundays in each direction on the main Birmingham to Gloucester line. Bradshaw gives the fares from Worcester to Birmingham as 7s (1st class) and 4s 6d (2nd class), assumed to be for a single journey only.