Further Innovations

  • 26 May 2023
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Another innovation was the Tramway Parcel Express in 1907. Instead of one or two deliveries each day, parcels were dispatched by each car and bus. Parcels left at various agencies en-route were delivered to a Half-mile radius from the agency. Parcels weighing 14lbs were delivered for 2d, 28lbs for 3d, 42lbs for 4d and 56lb for 5d, with an extra 1d for a further  half mile. In 1907, the Company had 15 tramcars, 8 omnibuses, 2 brakes, and one chara-banc.

Horse chara-bancs ran on excursion services to Holt Fleet, Malvern, Tewkesbury, Droitwich, and the Ankerdine Hills.

Horse wagonettes or brakes and chara-bancs were also used for private hire work.