A test of young manhood

Most of the Lowesmoor pubs have now closed, but all remained until 1914, and many into 1930s. Before the First World War, even into the 1930s, the 'Cross to Shrub Hill Run' was regarded as a test of a young man's manhood - certainly of his drinking capacity. If he could drink a half-pint in every pub he passed and reach Shrub Hill Station without assistance - he was 'one of the lads'. If he could read a timetable on arrival at the station he was regarded as something of a superman.

The course started with the Hollybush in St Nicholas Street, then the Pack Horse, Dog and Duck, Imperial, Old Yorkshire House, Old Falcon, Union, Crown & Anchor, Boat, Black Horse, Alma, Express, Turk's Head, Swan, Navigation, Lansdowne, West Midland Arms, then on to the Station with the Great Western, Midlands Arms, Prince of Wales, and finally, the Ram. A run of 21 pubs.