St Georges Chapel of Ease

  • 22 Aug 2023
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St George's Chapel or Claine's St. George's was built in Barbourne where, say's Noake in 1848, 'within recent memory, children gathered buttercups and daisies, and rioted in the tall grass'. The need for such a chapel was expressed by the minister of Claines, for the suburbs was in the 'vicinity of a large city and was attacked by dissent of every kind'.

The site was purchased for half-price and the architects were James Lucy and Lewis Belling. It was a neat stucco building with a tower and a 'modest gothic front', that was seen to advantage from the Barbourne Road. The foundation stone was laid by Bishop Cornewell on 11 March 1829, and it cost £3,500, mostly from a Treasury grant. It was a typical 'Commissioners' church', the interior being simple, with a western gallery, where 'one man and one or two children sang in unison, with the addition of a flute and a bass viol', for up to 1848 at least, there was no organ.