The Cornmarket Inns

Until 1848, the Cornmarket and the streets leading to the Cornmarket, was the commercial centre of the City. The Shades in Mealcheapen Street was one of the early city banks. All around were inns with large storage capacity, for corn was sold by sample in the open market, with the bulk stored at the nearby inns. The Rein Deer had the largest staorage of all, but the others had considerable. They were the Plough (where 19 New Street is now); the Archangel (later the Plough); the Old and New Greyhound Inns, New Street; the Pheasant, New Street (now the Old Pheasant); the White Horse in Silver Street which was adjoining the old Public Hall site; and the Peacock in Queen Street, the Wheatsheaf, Cornmarket and the Swan With Two Nicks, New Street.