60 years later

  • 12 Oct 2011
  • Albie Thompson
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When I met Mary, she spoke of how she had waved goodbye to Albi and how her faith and her patience kept her believing that someday Albi would be back home.

Albi was known to be a religious person and was a choir boy at St.John's Church in Worcester before the war and whilst in his capture he became very friendly with a Padre from New Zealand, Albie had wrote to Mary of plans of travelling to New Zealand to work with him and stopping of at Hawaii on honeymoon. Obviously Albi's family would have preferred Albi and Mary to have married and lived local, after meeting Doreen who was Albi's siter it was very obvious that the Thompson's were a extremely close family. we all have our dreams, was this Albi's dream which helped him to survive the very difficult times?, not forgetting he was only 20 when he was first captured,after having such a loving family once home, would Albie have moved all those thousands of miles away and left the ones he so clearly loved behind.