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19th March 2002 - 18.22 GMT from Joyce Gramza, Fulton, NY

Hello List, I've just subscribed here for the purpose of posting a request for a worthy search effort. I am in upstate New York and don't know much about the UK. I have a WW11 vet friend who is ageing, who has never succeeded in locating the rightful owner of some documents & letters he found in France circa 1944. The deceased British soldier was L/SGT does this title reveal his branch of service ?. A.G.Thompson, then of Boughton Avenue, St Johns, Worcester. His nickname was apparently "Albie" so perhaps his first name was Albert. The letters are apparently from his intended called "Mary", but identified in the address as E.Crampton, of Laugherne Road, St John, Worcester.

My friend would like to locate these families. Other info supplied are Thompson's service ID and his POW before being killed in a British plane crash ferring liberated prisioners home sometime after 1942.

I have already tried searching the following :Commonwealth War Graves Commision (no records) Free BMD (no records), Royal Mail ( no postcode found), and the Worcester surnames & places searches from the website that hosts this list.

If any of you know others interested in helping, please feel free to forward this post

Suggestions/advice also welcome

Thankyou Joyce

19th March 2002 -10.54pm from Chris Andrews Ontario, Canada

Hi Joyce

The year is wrong based on what you said in your e.mail, but the rest of the facts in this Commemoration seem fit See below:

L/Sgt would have been Lance Sergeant, in other words a Corporal you could check this number against the papers you have and see if it matches.

The War did'nt end until 1945 so it is very unlikely that prisoners would have been liberated before that date thus 9th May 1945 also fits based on the history of WW11. There is nothing in the commemoration that indicates how he died, but he does have a known grave and its near to Paris.
In Memory of
Albert George Thompson Corporal 5253245
7th Worcestershire Regiment
Who died on Wednsday 9th May 1945 Age 25?


20th March 2002 - 2.45AM GMT - From Pam Hinks UK

Hi Joyce
I have checked the Commonwealth War raves Commision, for which Albert George Thompson is listed in the Roll of Honours which reads as follows:
In Memory Of Albert George Thompson Corporal 52532465
7th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
Who died on Wednsday 9th May 1945 Age 25
Son of Albert Edward and Lizzie May Thompson of St.Johns Worcester
Cemetary: Clichy Northern Cemetary, Hault-de-Seine, France
Grave or Reference Panel Number: Plot 16, Row 11, Grave 12.

Location: Clichy is a town adjoining the northern boundary of Paris. The Cemetary lies between the Town Hall and the River Seine and is entered from the Rue General Rouget. The British Plot is in the southern quarter of the Cemetary under the south boundary wall.
If you searched on the status of L/Sgt or by the date of 1942 perhaps this is why your search failed, try this again with the above details, and you should have a display come up of the Roll of Honour.
Regards Pam

20th March 2 002 - 11.30am from Pam Hinks UK
Been around Boughton Avenue area but so far no luck, found a Thompson family in Boughton Street, will go and pay them a visit to-day.

29th March 2002 - 14.22pm from Pam (UK)

Hi Joyce,
I have made some enquires with a member of a Thompson family who lived in Boughton Street but is quite young and obviously would not have known back to the 40s, she is checking with her Mother and will ring me to-night to let me know if any connection.
In the meantime, I dropped a copy of your e.mail to Worcester Evening News and asked Micheal Grundy if he would mention your details in Worcester Evening News section called Memeory Lane - you never know !

20th March 2002 - 14.33 GMT from Joyce Gramza NY

Hi Pam
Thanks so much for your efforts. I just e.mailed the list to share more info turned up by a fellow in Canada. I am feeling really confident you folks will come through, maybe well before the paper does! I'm copying the list so people know where you are at. If this offends anybody please let me know.
My friend is in failing health and has suffered from mental illness his whole life. He is also deaf, not had TDD or e.mail, so I haven't even been able to inform him how much progress has already been made.
I am (supposedly/hopefully) temporary furloughed from my job, and offered to help with this because I wanted to spend some of my newfound spare time on something that's not me, "I did'nt really imagine a bunch of total strangers would be so giving!! I 'm bowled over.
All the best

20th March 2002 - 1828pm from Pam

What a small world, I was telling my mother about your e.mail when it appears that she had a cousin who had lived in Boughton Avenue over 60 years, I did'nt think he would still be alive but thought perhaps his family may have still lived in the same house.

Well would you belive it he was still alive and his memory's of Albie still well in his mind infact he was in the Navy with one of his brothers either Percy or Sidney and was also a drinking partner up until a few years ago.

He seems to think they are still alive and will try and locate them, so lets keep our fingers crossed.


20th March 2002 - 1915GMT from Joyce Gramza

Really cool

21st March 2002 -9.23am from Pam Hinks UK to BBC Hereford & Worcester (following telephone conversation)

Hi Julia,

Thanks for your help it would be very much appreciated if you could (mention an appeal on air).

I have since found out Albert had two brother Percy and Sidney and it is thought that although no knowledge is known of Percy, Sidney is still thought to be alive.

Thanks again

During this time a search was still underway for Albie including Electoral Registers etc

27 March 2002 - 09.27GMT from Pam Hinks UK

Hi Joyce

Received a letter from Micheal Grundy of Worcester Evening News, who is responsible for articles in Memory Lane, he's written a article on behalf of Albie's appeal, the only problem being is a backlog of features with weeks waiting for articles to be printed, so we are looking at the beginning of May before it goes to print.

In the meantime I still have hopes in the old friend of the family, and also I have looked through some 25% of Worcester Electrol Registers so we may still find either Percy or Sidney.

Kindest Regards

27th March 2002 - 13.21 from Chris Canada

Hi Pam,

From the current electoral rolls which can be found and searched at www

Sidney A Thompson, 110 Randwick Drive, Worcester

Hope this helps

(This one was previously found but of no connection)

27th March 2002 -18.25 From Pam UK

Thanks Chris,

I did try this in the first instances and contacted Sidney Thompson who you mentioned, but would you believe that he was the wrong one but the correct one lived a few doors away but had moved, sadly nobody knew what his new address was.

In the past I have used 192 but found it not to be 100% and not up todate hence the manual look ups but once again thanks.


28th March 2002 - 10.01 GMT from Julia Letts BBC Hereford & Worcester


We've found the Thompson family and Mary Crampton ! - I have spoken to Albie's sister and Mary herself. All very moving.

Could you ring me on 01905 337227

Julia Action Desk Producer.

28th March 2002 - 5.17pm from Julia BBC to Joyce Gramza New York


Pam in Worcester forwarded me details of the search for the Thompson family and Mary Crampton. I work at the local radio station in Worcester. We put out an appeal, and have traced Mary Crampton (Albie's fiance) and Doreen (Albie's sister). Both would love to be in contact with you and your vet WW11 friend.

Could you email me direct and if appropriate, I will send you their addresses. Both are in their 80s, Albie's 2 brothers Sidney and Percy are still living.

Julia Letts

28th March 2002 - 15.49 GMT from Joyce Gramza New York

Dear Julia

Great to make your acquantance! This is great of you, I am copying Pam so she'll know she succeeded in putting us intouch.

So Mary is still alive - God Bless her! I hope they are well! Are they in touch with each other?

Do Mary or Doreen have email? My friend does not, and he's deaf, so I communicate with him via his wife, or by good old fashioned letters. He is also ill right now, but will try calling down there today to let him know the development. I think if we put them in touch (although he might not be ready until he's feeling a bit better - I suspect he did'nt think the search would be so quick) it would make a good story.

If they do happen to have e.mail, please do feel free to give them my e.mail address. If not (please let me know if they have not) here are the rest of my co-ordinates.


(Name and address supplied)

A few days later after over 60 years the Diarys and letters finally arrived home and now treasured by Doreen and Mary