Boughton Cricket Ground, W.G.Grace and R.E.Foster.

W.G.Grace made his first appearance in the Midlands at the age of 20, and though only 20, he was easily the greatest cricketer in the country. The occasion was at the Boughton Cricket Ground, Worcester, in 1870, with a Worcestershire 22, and the United South of England eleven. The home team won by 57 runs, which fielded such noted players as Hon. G.G.Lyttleton, H.Foster (the father), A.B.Martin, G.H.Allsopp, and EW.Isaac. W.G.Grace also played at Boughton in 1870 with a Worcestershire eleven against a North of England team.

In 1896, Worcestershire C.C moved to the New Road ground, and in 1900, R.E.Foster (the son) playing against the great W.G., hit him four times in successive balls, out of the ground.

The 1914 War broke up a good and promising team. The Fosters were no longer available, and it was not until after the Second World War that Worcestershire reached the heights, and the championship under the leadership of Don Kenyon. But they were very different days from those at Boughton, cricketers of old, cherished memories of great games and players, of cricket weeks and coaches, and lunches and other pleasant revels. To athletes too, there were memories of the one and only W.G.George, and Ernis Payne, athlete and champion.