Cathedral Chimes and County Cricket

On the Worcester ground you cannot get away from the Cathedral. The great clock-bell booms. There are occasions when the match is in progress, when the great peal of twelve bells rings out, the very ground seems to vibrate. Every three hours the chimes ring out in a tumult of joy and daily blessing.

There are seven barrels to the great musical box, with a variety of 48 tunes to delight us, some with dsacred setting, others secular. But 7 x 7makes 49; The girl I left behind me is played twice, once as its own sad self, and again as Old English March. There is a legend that when Bradman was amassing his famous double centuries (1930, 1934, 1938) at Worcester, a dignitary of the Cathedral, a great cricket enthusiast, changed the order chime appointed for the day to Poor Tom Bowling.