The Corporation

The Corporation in the old days consisted of two bodies, the '24', which corresponded to our alderman; and the '48', which approximated to present day councillors. The big difference lay in the fact that before the Municipal Corporation Act of 1835, they were entirely self-elected, and formed a very exclusive club with their rendezvous. The '24' met at the Globe in Powick Lane, at what was at the top of Bank Street. They took every opportunity to celebrate there. In 1655, the new M.P. was feasted there. The '48' met at the Talbot on the Cross. The building is still there, but no longer an inn. It became a bank, then the Union Club, and again back to a bank. The members also had their exclusive bowling green and cock pit at the back of the Pheasant Inn in New Street. All this disappeared with the reforms of 1835, but Bowling Green Alley takes its name from the Corporation green.