Four Green Dragons Inns in Worcester - all of ancient foundations

  1. Green Dragon, Cooken Street. This inn was built on the remains of an ancient house of great importance at the top of Cooken Street, known as the Earl's Post. Massive piers and fine early English vaulting remain below ground. It is said that the Saxon earl Leofric and his wife, the celebrated Lady Godiva, resided there for a considerable time. In 1662, it was the Green Dragon Inn, described as 'consisting of Hall, kitchen, 5 drinking rooms below stairs, a garret, 3 chambers over the stable, two large cellars extending in length north and south, and other necessary rooms'.
  2. Green Dragon, Foregate Street. This house stood at the back of houses on the west side of Foregate Street, and was greatly used for parish occasions, such as processioning day. It was here, in 1687, that Mayor Shewring and the Corporation retired to after accompanying James ll to the Catholic church door, but refused to go further, and there waited till the Mass was finished.
  3. Green Dragon, Newport Street. This inn contained very fine 13th - century vaulting in its cellars. It had three bays, lit by narrow round-headed slits. Lying at the bottom of Newport Street it was closely connected with trade on the Severn, and probably with smuggling, for a passage led from the cellar some distance towards the Severn, but had been bricked up.
  4. Green Dragon, Cornmarket. Little is known of this inn except that it was kept by one, Suthal, in 1720.