The Use of Pears in the City and County Arms

  • 16 Jan 2012
  • Historical Studies
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City records going back to between 1460 and 1490 (Ballard's Book) mentions 'six pears sable'. A deed of 1569 bears a seal with three black pears; an Elizabethan grant of 1575 is stated to have been made of the use of three black pears for the City Arms. Tradition has it that at the time of Henry V the banner of the Worcestershire bowmen was a pear tree laden with fruit.

Alderman Leicester in 'Forgotten Worcester' records: 'a pear tree was taken in full fruit and placed at the Cross, on the occasion of the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1575. From this tree the Queen plucked three pears, and ordered the Mayor to add them to the City Arms.