Boughton Cricket Ground

In mi- Victorian days Boughton was closely identified with the beginnings of Worcestershire county cricket. In 1865 the County Cricket Club was formed by Lord Lyttleton, supported by many local families including the Isaacs. A suitable field with a pavillion was made available by J.S. Isaac, and for many years it was the club's headquarters and ground, until the present ground in New Road afforded better prospects of gate money.
Before the move to New Road, and for some time after, county matches were of the picnic type, played all over Worcestershire; but the opening of the Boughton ground was an event which substantially enhanced local interest in the game. Here Dr W.G. Grace made his first appearance in the Midlands and, though only twenty years old, he was already the greatest cricketer in the country. The occasion was the meeting of the twenty-two of Worcestershire and the United South of England eleven. Victory was gained by the home team by 57 runs, fielding such noted players as the Honourable C.G. Lyttleton, H. Foster, A.B Martin, the Honourable G.H Allsopp and E.W Isaac. W.G. Grace also played at Boughton in 1870, this time for a Worcestershire eleven against the North of England. In 1878 the first Australian team's visit created great local excitement and Boughton went on being used by the county club until 1896.