Old Street Names

  • 15 Jan 2012
  • Worcester People and Places
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In earlier days therewere two main types of toroughfares within the City, these were the paved 'streets', usually set with round cobble stones, and the others were of the natural earth surface, hardened with use, called 'lanes'. When the lanes were paved their names were sometimes changed.

The following are some of the changes which have taken place over the centuries:

Baker (Baxter) Street. to Shambles. Brodestrete (Broode St) to Broad Street. Clement's Street to Tybridge Street. Cokenstrete (Cooken St) to Copenhagan Street. (changed after Nelson's visit) Corncheapen to Queen Street. Cut Throat Lane to Lansdown Road. Bishop Street to Palace Yard (now part of Deansway). Brittleport (Bridport) (now part of Deansway). Eport to Newport Street. Frog Lane (or High Timber Street) to Severn Street. Frerenstrete to Friar Street. Gardners Lane to Shaw Street. Gloucester (Tewkesbury) Road to Bath Road. Gosethrote (Goosethrote or Goose) Lane to St.Swithen's Street. Huxterstrete to Little Fish Street (now part of Deansway) Incle (Hinton) Lane to Hylton Road. Melechepyng to Mealcheapen Street. Needler Street and Vine Street to Pump Street. Rush Alley to Bridge Street. Sansome Fields to Sansome Walk. St Mary's Step's to College Precincts. St.Lawrence's Lane to Union Street. Town Ditch to Sansome Street. Union Lane or Garden Market to St.Nicholas Street. Withey Walk to St.Paul's Street. Bedlam Lane to Thorneloe Road. Castle Grounds to Collage Green. Clap Gate to St.Martin's Gate. Corviserstrete to Fish Street. Dish Market to Church Street. Forest Street to Foregate Street. Glover Street to New Street. Mary Vale to Merry Vale (Deansway). Powick Lane (top part to Bank Street). Oxford Road to London Road. Salt Lane to Castle Street. Sansome Stile to Sansome Place. Tolley's Hill to Tallow Hill. Todmorden Knol to Edgar Street. Turkey (Torquay) Street to Tybridge Street. Wooden Stair Street to Quay Street.