The Liberties of the City

  • 15 Jan 2012
  • Worcester People and Places
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Outside the City Walls were the Liberties of the City, a narrow belt of land which, for the most part. lay within arrow-flight of the embattlements, over which the municipally exercised control. They were mainly kitchen gardens and cow pastures, and the remained intact as in medival times, right through to the 19th century. The boundaries at the highways were marked by 'Liberty Post's. The northern liberty post marking the border between Claines and the City stood at the top of Salt Lane (now Castle Street), and in the south at the Cross at Tewkesbury Lane (now Bath Road) at the bottom of Green Hill. In the West, the liberties extended across the Severn to the Bull Ring, and on the east to the old City Cemetery at Tallow Hill.