The Fire Engine House

  • 15 Jan 2012
  • Worcester People and Places
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Next to the Powick Lane entrance of Lady Huntingdon's Church, at the end of the row of Walgrove's Almshouses, was the Fire Engine House, of the Birmingham Fire Office. It and the almshouses were demolished in the 1950's.    

In 1840, it was described as: 'The Powerful Fire Engine, No 3, belonging to this establishment, is kept ready for Action at a moments warning .. A corps of experienced Firemen are appointed to render immediate aid to the Public in all cases of Fire'. This refers to the days when insurance companies ran their own brigades to fight fires breaking out in property insured by them. As these brigades were only interested in saving property insured by their company, metal plates or fire marks were placed in a prominent position on the outside wall. There are still quite a few to be seen in the City today.