The Roman Road from Birmingham to Worcester - In days gone by before Motorway Cnstructions

  • 11 Jan 2024
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I.D.Margary in 'Roman Roads in Britain' describes this road as follows; 

'It seems clear that a direct road to Gloucester through Droitwich and Worcester branched from Ryknild Street to the south of Birmingham, near the alignment angle by Selly Park. Its course is at first represented by the main road through Bournville and Longbridge, now a huge highway (A38) much of it with duel carriageways. This leads straight to the Lickey Hills at Rednal, where the twisting road that climbs up to Lickey may be the original course designed to ease the climb.

For the next three miles to Bromsgrove the course is not yet proved, although traces of a raised road were reported near Lickey  long ago in a position not now known. If the line through Bromsgrove was continued to Lickey, as seems most likely, it would have gone through Lickey End, Yew Tree Farm, and Lickey Square on a line that is now very close to a stream, and this may be the reason why this part of the route was later abandoned. Where it joins the obvious road at Bromsgrove there certainly does seem to be a definite ridge along the east side of the stream, just as the continuation of the line would run.

From Bromsgrove the present main road follows the line to and through Droitwich, for half a mile at Stoke Heath where there is a short diversion, traces of a derelict hollow appear to mark the line down the hill in the original position.. The road on to Droitwich maintains the same alignment, through it appears to be somewhat winding .

Beyond Droitwich the road continues on the same alignment all the way to Worcester, and is still in use for 3 miles to Martin Hussingtree, where the present road to Worcester bears off to the west, and the course of the Roman road continues through Hindlip Park (now the Police Headquarters), on the east of Fernhill Heath, marked by a slight hollow and father on, by hedgegrows which a parish boundary followed. After crossing the lane to Hindlip it is again in use as a minor road through Blackpole and on into Worcester by the Astwood Road.