Escape from the City Gaol

  • 19 Feb 2023
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Version of the escape published in Berrows Worcester Journal 31.3.1951 which reads as follows:

'On one occasion a prisoner escaped from the prison. He climbed down from his cell by means of a rope of knotted blankets, and broke into the Governor's house and stole some of his silver. Years after, my grandfather met the man again, and got the whole story out of him...  Having stole the silver, the thief ran down a wide pathway that led in the direction of the canal. He climbed the high wall and let himself down on the other side. The thief told my Grandfather that he had an accomplice waiting for him under the old canal bridge at the end of Great Park St. This accomplice helped him doen the far side of the prison wall and provided him with a new set of clothes. They dropped the old clothes in the water of the canal and made off. Within 24 hours the silver had been melted down and disposed of'.