The Old Palace, Deansway

  • 15 Jan 2012
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Until the year 1842, the Old Palace was the official residence of the Bishop of Worcester. He also had Hartlebury Castle and a London House, but a Royal Commision, looking into Church Revenues with reforming zeal, concluded that the Bishop had no need for two palaces, and reduced his income. The Commisioners would have preferred Hartlebury Castle to have gone, but the new Bishop, Bishop Pepys preferred to release the Worcester residence.

The Worcester Palace was eventually sold, in 1846, to the Dean and Chapter as a Deanery, which sadly led to the destruction of the old Deanery in College Green, and the Guesten Hall with it. In the 20th century, the Palace was found to be unsuitable for the Dean, and it became a Church Club house and Diosecan offices. We can only be thankful that it remains intact.