Saint Wulstan

  • 27 Oct 2021
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William of Malmesbury left us a fine description of the great Bishop of Worcester, St. Wulstan. Here it is translated by J.H.F. Peile, Archdeacon of Worcester;

'he was of middle statue, lower than some men, higher than others, well formed and well-proportioned in all parts. The calm less of his mind suited with the comeliness of his body, so that he won the reverence  of all men. He ever had sound health, which his sparing use of food and sleep helped not a little . In his raiment, his bed furniture, and his shoes he was neither over sumptuous nor niggardly. He eschewed pride this way and that; for there can be boasting in filthy rags. Yet he inclined rather to what was jumble, that he might fall short in outward show, not in grace. So avoiding all ostentation even when he was a rich man, he would wear only lambskins'.