Highwayman at Claines, Executed

  • 15 Jan 2012
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Retribution for highway robbery came in other, official, ways. The Worcester Herald of March 18, 1820, reported that 'Robert Hollick, commited at the last Assizes for stopping and robbing on the highway in the parish of Claines, Thomas Gittins and Thomas Hawker, besides ill-treating the latter in a most cruel manner, this day underwent the sentence of the law at the drop of our County Gaol. He was very penitent, acknowledged the justice of his sentance, and died with great resignation. The execution was delayed by a very trying event - the unexpected appearance of his aged mother, wife and child, and sister just as he was being led from his cell. He was asked by the chaplain whether he wished to see them, and had firmness enough to support the interview. To this he replied: I am firm'. They were consequently admitted. Nothing, however, could exceed the distress of the scene. This unhappy man was only in the 22nd year of his age