Comer Gardens

  • 21 Oct 2021
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Comer Gardens was once an isolated 'garden village', built in the 1850's, of detached houses on both sides of a lane, well set back with long gardens in front. The lane had no road material, pavement, kerb or channel, a mere track unlit, without water mains or sewers, but very beautiful, especially for its trees and shrubs, mostly golden chain. The village was the outcome of the second Cholera epidemic of 1848, and became the dormitary home of a colony of Worcester tradesmen, notably the Wilesmiths, the timber merchants. Another was Sampson Nicholls, who ran a Non-Conformist Chapel in the 'Gardens, which long provided for the spiritual needs of the community, but ultimately proved beyond his financial capacity, and was taken over by the Vicar  of Hallow and converted into a Church Mission Room.