A Storm of Periwinkles in 1881

  • 21 Oct 2021
  • Worcester People and Places
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A phenomenal storm took place at Henwick in 1881. Mrs. Millward of Bromyard Road recalled the incident when she was a girl: 'I was 8 or 9 at the time. There was an awful storm. When we left school in the afternoon, as soon as we heard what had happened, we ran there and picked up shell fish, putting them in our pinafores wet and dirty. Mother said they were snails. There was much talk about it at the time. They were chiefly on the  Oldbury road, they were all over the road, the banks were full of them, and they extended over the hedges into the gardens. They began about where Laugherne Road now is, continuing along Oldbury Road to Comer Gardens corner. It was a sight, there seemed to be tons of them'. It is was also recalled that at Hanbury about 1860, there were a storm of frogs which came down like hailstones and covered the ground for 250 yards...