The Spire & Curious Incidents

  • 26 Oct 2020
  • Church Curiosities
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Some curious incidents are connected with the repairing of St. Andrew's spire. In 1801, while some repairs were being made, a barber named Baylis, shaved several of his customers on the top of it, and about the same time, a china painter named Cotterill, took up a small cup, which he painted on the top. One of the men shaved on the top was Joshua Bridges, a Seven carrier, an eccentric, weighing when he died 21 stone. For two years he kept a massive stone coffin ready for his burial.

In 1844, upon completion of some repairs, when 16 feet of the top of the spire had to be rebuilt, it was honoured by a visit of Freemasons, on which occasion the capital of the spire was fixed in its position by Mr. Bennett, then the Worshipful Master, assisted by architect, sculptor and master of ceremonies, Mr. Joseph Stephens, who lived in the shadow of the spire at the bottom of Copenhagen Street.

James Powell, a Worcester wine merchant, assisted by James Knight, the editor of the Worcester Chronicle, cracked a bottle of old port on top of the spire on another occasion when the weather-cock was being repaired