St John's Charity School

  • 16 Jul 2019
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The last of the endowed school's of the City was in 'the township of St. John in Bedwardine', on the west bank of the Severn.It was a combined charity of two ladies who lived in St John's; Milberrow Doelittle in 1719 and Mercy Herbert in 1722.

The school was known as St.John's Charity School, and the details of Milberrow Doelittle's gift is given as follow's:

"By indenture released 26th September, 1719 .. reciting that Milberrow, the wife of W.Doelittle, pursuant of a power reserved to herself , on or before her marriage with W. Doelittle and with his consent , had purchased the promise mentioned, which by her education had been conveyed to those of the first part and other trustees, since deceased, for the use of a school for St. John in Bedwardine, for the teaching of twelve poor children of the parish and for other suitable purposes, conveyed a dwelling house and a garden  and a close of arable and  pasture land, then dived into two closes, with the appurtenances called Read's Ley's, containing twelve acres in the parish of Claines and St Swithin to the intent that the rent should be employed to the charitable uses mentioned:"