Captain Michael Clements, R.N

  • 9 May 2019
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Captain Michael Clements was a naval officer who greatly distinguished himself in the wars with France and Spain. Near Cadiz, in 1778, Captain Clements in the Vengeance, in sight of all the people assembled on the walls of the city, defeated two frigates sent out against him, and took on a whole Spanish fleet, receiving the fire of 24 ships of the enemy, and having 40 holes in the hull, many between wind and water.

He died in confinement, insane, after the death of his wife in 1786. It is believed that his daughter was one of the beauties that paraded along Sansome Fields, and is mentioned in Cooksey's poem on the delights of Sansome Fields and of the ladies to be seen there:

                                                   'Can Tempe's fields a pleasure boast  Which Nature sheds not here?  Or can the Mall produce a toast.

                               Then Wyld's  to fame more dear?   Undoubted charms the Clements raise,  Oh! give the nymphs their share of praise'