150th Anniversary of Astwood "Graveside Memorial Service Baby Ryan" 9-10-2008

  • 30 Jan 2019
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Astwood Cemetery 1858 - 2008

Friends of Astwood

Graveside Memorial Service for Baby John Ryan

Councillor Michael Layland commenced the initial start of the Commemorative Service by welcoming everyone and introducing Deputy Mayor Andy Roberts

Deputy Mayor Andy Roberts thanked everyone for attending, he gave a very passionate talk about the life of William Laslett and the sad short life of Baby Ryan, this was followed by the unveiling of the Headstone for Baby Ryan

Service Conducted by;  Father Brian McGinley

Assistant to Father McGinley: Benjamin Kelly

9th October 2008

"I am the resurrection and the life, Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live" John 11:25 

Opening Hymn: How Great Thou Art

Welcome and Opening Prayer

Scripture Reading Isaiah 25: 6,7-9

Gospel Reading  John 6; 37-40

Psalm Response: My soul is thirsting for God, the God of my life

Intercessions Response: Bless us and keep us, O Lord 

The Lord's Prayer

Concluding Prayer and Blessing

Closing Hymn : The Lords My Shepherd

William Laslett (1799 - 1884)

In attendance: Friends of Astwood Cemetery 

Chairman: Councillor Michael Layland

Secretary: Pam Hinks

Treasurer: Gerald Paley-Battersby

Committee Members: EllaineBullock, Penny Hunt & Mike Hacklett

Guests In attendance:  Deputy Mayor Andy Roberts & Deputy Mayoress Frances Roberts,

Councillor Dr David Tibbutt, Councillor, Cabinet Member for Urban Renaissance

Councillor Garth Jones, St Stephens Ward

Councillor Maragret Layland

Catrina Smillie: Curator George Marshall Medical Museum

Robert Barton: George Marshall Medical Museum

John Henderson: Representing  Laslett's Trustees

Paul Harding: Discover Worcester

Helen Lee: Discovering Worcester

Miriam Harvey; Green Badge Guide, Worcester Walks 

Sue Lewis; A.V.Bands Funeral Directors

Graham: E.J Gummery & Son  Funeral Directors

James Connell, Worcester News

Martin: Worcester News

Alison Hemmings: Elgar Technology Collage Year 11

Sam Marshall, Elgar Technology Collage Year 11

G.Beech, Worcester

Phillip Beach, Worcester

Kathy Cary, Worcester

Frank & Mary Crampton, Worcester

Sebastian Andrews, Worcester

Margaret Fenn, Worcester

Charles Harding, Worcester

Sally Harris, Malvern

Godfrey Harvey, Worcester

Claire & Daemon Hinks, Worcester

Tim Hinks, Worcester

Colin Layland, Worcester

Katherine Lawton, Worcester

Tracy & Dorothy Lavery, Worcester

Roy & Pat Lee ex Zimbabwe

Edith Lewis, Worcester

Sylvia Mardell, Worcester

Joan Radcliff, Worcester

Sarah & Michael Mitchell of Callow End

Doreen Paley-Batersby, Worcester

Maureen Sinclair, Worcester

Jane Yeomans,  Worcester

Judith & Michael Williams, Worcester


I would like to thank all who have helped make the 150th Anniversary a success especially:

Elaine Bullock for supplying and fitting Baby Ryan's Headstone

Father Brian Mc Ginley and Student Assistant Ben Kelly for the inspirational service which was long overdue for Baby Ryan

Councillor Mike Layland for his opening the Ceremony

Deputy Mayor Andy Roberts for his very passionate talk about the life at the time of Baby Ryan

Paul Harding & Heather Lee from Discover Worcester for dressing up in period costume

Blooming Marvellous for supplying flowers for Baby Ryan

Norman Long Printers 

And finally to everyone who turned and made this an historic day

Pam Hinks