A Presentment from St Michael's Church. 1674

  • 6 Oct 2011
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The Churchwardens present that;

  1. The church is in good order.
  2. John Flaye and his wife, Adam Symonds and his wife, John Wood and his wife, Richard Flayer and his wife, John Annen and his wife, Francis Smith and his wife, Mary Stram and Elizabeth Andrews, being inhabitants of our parish, have not come to church according to law, but of what sect and persuation they are of we know not.
  3. There are no Papists in our parish to our knowledge.
  4. There are no debauched  persons in our parish as we know of.
  5. There are no unbaptized persons in our parish as we know or can hear of.

Richd Smith, Clerke,    -   Ben Hopkins,   Saml Lenord,  Church Wardens.