Iron Masters in the Midlands-16th and 17th Centuries

  • 12 Oct 2011
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  • Lord Paget, 1563-63.
  • Earl of Leicester, owned ironworks near Cleobury Mortimer, 1563-76.
  • Earl of Shrewsbury, had furnace and forge, 1564.
  • John Littleton, 1566-70.
  • Richard Hanbury, 1578, of Elmley Lovett. Established ironworks at Pontypool. His descendant, John Hanbury, is said to have introduced the art of tinning, which flourished at both Pontypool and Kidderminster.
  • Richard Knightly, Shelsley Walsh, 1653.
  • Richard Salwey, 1653, Shelsley Walsh.
  • Thomas Tyrer, 1669, Burton-Sapey.
  • Childs of Kinlett, 1670 to 1730, worked Charlcott, Shropshire.
  • Richard Lloyd, 1723, Ombersley and Powick.
  • Sir Thomas Middleton of Chirk Castle, set up slitting mill for nailers presumably at Stourbridge.
  • William Winchurch, clerk of the mill, had estates in Worcs, for which he owed £2,000 to Sir Thomas and an inventory made of 'piggs and Irons'.
  • Salwey-Ingram-Winningtons, married with the Foleys, 1776, and with the Knights of Wolverley, 1796.
  • Richard Avenant, 1669, Burton-Sapey, probably acting for Thomas Foley.

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