Mrs Jordan and Mrs Siddons

  • 16 Jan 2012
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At the Worcester Theatre in June 1798, Mrs Jordan, one of the most attractive actresses on the London Stage, played Rosalind in 'As You Like it' before 'the most brilliant audience ever seen in any theatre out of the metropolis', with Lord and Lady Coventry, Lord and Lady Sandys, and other nobility, and so great was the attraction of Mrs Jordan, that the sister of David Garrick, aged 74, made the journey from Lichfield especially to see her.
In June 1798, during the Race Week, Mrs Edwin was the star attraction at the theatre. The following month, July 1798, Mr. Hoy, the permanent manager of the Worcester and Wolverhampton theatres, proudly announced that he had 'engaged Mrs. Siddons to perform at our ensuing Assizes'. She played Calista in The Fair Penitent, when for this special occasion, the prices were increased for the evenings of her performance, to Boxes 5s., Pit 3s, Gallery 2s. The start was delayed to 7 0'clock, but 'Servants could keep places from half-past 5'.