Feckenham Court Leet

  • 11 Oct 2011
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Ancient manorial customs continued in some places well into the last century. The Evesham Journal of December 1, 1928, reported on Feckenham Court Leet: 'According to the old custom, the jury assembled under the oak tree on the Village Green, where the Steward read the notice convening the Court: the Manor Bailiff then read the proclamtion, and the jurymen answered to their names. The adjournment was made to the Rose and Crown, where the jury was sworn in, and the business of the Court transacted'.

Feckenham held its last Court Leet in November 1935; the Law of Property Act 1925, which provided for the automatic extinction of 'manorial incidents' on January 1, 1936, finally terminated its powers and functions.