John Ward and His Daughter Sally

  • 16 Jan 2012
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The King's Head Theatre was let to travelling companies, and for a number of years it was under the management of John Ward and his son-in-law Roger Kemble, the father of the 'divine Sarah Siddons'.

Roger Kemble was born in 1721 at Hereford, but abandoned that profession and became a stroller in Ward's company. It is said that he was drawn to this life by the fact that he had fallen in love with Ward's handsome daughter, Sally. Their obvious infatuation did not please the father who had other plans for his daughter, and he had so poor an opinion of his profession that he vowed eternal warfare against his daughter if she married an actor. The young lady however, soon after, married Kemble, and when the father next saw her, it is reported that he said to her: 'Well, my wench, you said you would not marry an actor, and by God you've kept your word, for the devil himself could not make an actor of your husband'. Perhaps the remark reflected the standard of performance to be seen at the King's Head.