A Penance ordered on Two Clerks of Droitwich

  • 16 Jan 2012
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Two Clerks of Droitwich who reseisted arrest by the Bishop's ministers and the Archdeacon of Worcester. 1304 - 'Order to the Dean of Wych to absolve John Colleware and John Barnard, Clerks, from the sentence of excommunication for violence done in the church of St. Peter, of Witton of Wych, to the Bishop's ministers and the archdeacon of Worcester by Richard Barnard whom they arrested, after performance of the following penance. On Sunday next, after the feast of the Purification, in the Cathedral Church of Worcester, they shall offer to the Sacristan the arms they used on the day of the crime, viz. John Colleware a bow of yew with two barbed arrows and a long knife; and John Barnard, a sword and a knife. On the following seven Sundays, before the introit of the Mass, to enter with crowns suitable to their condition of tensure, the church of St. Peter, where the deed was done, and standing behind the baptismal font, without hoods, holding torches or candles in their hands, after placing two salters before them on the baptismal font, each of them shall separately recite a nocturn from the psalter after the introit of the Mass to the end. When the Mass is finished, to offer their torches or candles at the high altar and put off their surplices there. On the four following Sundays similar penance shall be done in the churches of St Andrew, St Nicholas, St John and Dodderhill, and on the 6th and 7th Sunday their penance with two nocturnes shall be performed in the said church of St. Peter where they committed their crimes'.