Strickland's Gallopers

  • 9 May 2019
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Harry Strickland's grandson, Ray Strickland of Bromyard visited Bill back in 1993, when he saw a article Bill had written in Worc. Evening News, (27.9.1993), during the discussion notes of the conversation took place:

'Grandfather had a full set of fairground items, Gallopers, Juvenile roundabouts, a set of swing boats, 2.2 rifle shooting gallery, and two cocoanut stalls. Alf Peters and Tom Scott had 'fair sets' too. Peter's gallopers were of high quality and more decorative. Strickland being more 'functional'. They attended all the major fairs, i.e Worcester, Tewkesbury, Birmingham Onion Fair, Nottingham Goose Fair,  Stratford Mop, Oxford Fair and also minor fairs. Strickland and Scott had a 'gentleman's agreement' on minor/village fairs, each had their round, and neither trespassed on the other. Strickland's winter base was under the railway arches in Croft Road, (now the car park). Pat Collins was the 'big man' with much greater outfits. His base was at Bloxwich, near Walsall'.


Mr.Peters travelled, in addition to his three-abreast set of Gallopers, a set of Dodgems. With the Gallopers he had a Foden steam lorry    'Worcester City' and this carried the platforms of the roundabout and towed the box truck with the horses in, together with the centre truck. An ex- W.D lorry towed the organ which was an 8g-key Gavioli, last known to be in preservation in Lincolnshire, The Gallopers were last known to be at a holiday camp.

One thing Alf Peters was known for was the speed in building up his roundabout; i.e he arrived in Alcester, Warks, at 9 a.m, having travelled the five miles from the Studley Mop, and the Gallopers built up and taking money at 1pm.