Two Worcester Showman's Roundabouts/Galloping Horses

  • 9 May 2019
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Two Worcester Showman's roundabouts in Angel Place. Alf Peters stands in front of his Gallopers in Angel Place c.1930, and Stricklands Horse Gallopers in Angel Place c.1920.

The last showman to have roundabouts in the streets at Worcester was Alf Peters (Until recent times of the Victorian Christmas Fayre).  At one time there was three showmen with head-quarters in Worcester and each travelled a set of Galloping Horses. These were Scotts, who used horse transport, Stricklands & Sons, with their winter quarters in Newport Street, (whose Burrell's Showman engine was called the 'Pride of Worcester'), and Alf Peters whose yard was in Hylton Road.

Alf Peters in front of his Galloping Horses


Strickland & Son's c.1920s