Hardy and Padmore, the Worcester Foundary

  • 21 Jan 2019
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The Worcester Foundry was in the Blockhouse, on the canal-side. It closed in 1967 after 153 years of business, during which the firm was renowned far beyond this country for its fine decorative cast iron work. The name of Hardy & Padmore, Worcester, can be seen in many towns on ornamental lamp standards and other street furniture, on seats, fire-grates, railings and gates.  Their most spectacular pieces were made between 1850 and 1900, a period known as the golden age of cast iron work, the beautiful, elaborate castings.

Among the examples left locally are the fountain in Cripplegate Park, the lamps on Worcester Bridge, the gates which originally came from the Arboretum fitted to the former Worcester Infirmary in Castle Street now being part of the University of Worcester building, and rather a field a number of beautiful lamps at Cheltenham. On a smaller scale the doorstops of the Duke of Wellington and of Punch & Judy are now highly collectable and sought after.