Two old Worcester book-worms

  • 12 Oct 2011
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Edward Corbett wrote @James Coombs, I remember, was a local institution; a big framed man of somewhat ungainly carriage, who kept a book-shop, cheifly second-hand, on the west side of High Street, about mid-way between the Old Bank and the Guildhall; a shop which itself looked second-hand', with an old fashioned window, slightly bowed, from which every vestage of paint had faded, and small panes obscured by immemorial dust. There in rivalry, a charming old bookworm himself, was John Grainger's shop in the Foregate. Bookworms, largely clerical, foregathered every morning to examine the lastest 'finds' and to discuss the events and rumours of the day; and from these gossips, Coombs corresponded in magazines - odds and ends of literary and antiquarians lore.