• 17 Jan 2012
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Potter came from a family of potters from Swansea, who came to work at Worcester in the early 19th century. E.W. was apprenticed to George Granger on November 14th, 1845. After serving his apprenticeship, went,to Staffordshire, returning later to the Worcester Porcelain works, where he had as apprentices, John and Joseph Sigley. He later went to Grainger's as a modeller, until the works was absorbed by the 'Royal'. He continued with the Royal until he began a new business of China making in Newtown Road, in a new factory which he projected and designed. There he successfully demonstrated his specialist methods - but commercially, it was not a success.  

As a potter, it was said he knew all there was to know - being a practical man and an artist of renown in that field, and began a new branch of china making. He was a pupil at the School of Art in Pierpoint Street in its early days, where he had as a fellow student, Thomas Brook. He was reposible for training many successful potters.