Weather Records

The first definite record of a great flood is that of October 1484, when the ill-fated campaign of the Duke of Buckingham against Richard lll, was brought to a halt by the great Severn flood which barred his way across England, and was passed into folk-memory

1802   January 20.  A hurricane occurred doing great damage in the city and around. The windmill at Kempsey was set on fire by the sails being whirled round with so great rapidity.1808   July 15.   A most awful tempest. The thunder continued in one
What was described by the local papers as a 'Severe Shock of Earthquake' took place at 5.30 am. on the 17th December, 1896. They reported: 'People were awakened by a loud rumbling noise, accompanied by disturbance of the ground so that houses were shaking,
A phenomenal storm took place at Henwick in 1881. Mrs Millward of Bromyard Road recalled the incident when she was a girl: 'I was  8 or 9 at the time. There was an awful storm. When we left school in the afternoon, as soon as we heard what had happened,

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