Albie Thompson

When I met Mary, she spoke of how she had waved goodbye to Albi and how her faith and her patience kept her believing that someday Albi would be back home. Albi was known to be a religious person and was a choir boy at St.John's Church in Worcester before
After 63 years, follow the story  of Albie Thompson and his unfailing love for Mary Crampton written by Kathleen Lawarence-SmithE.mail me now to order a copy which is now limited stock priced at 6.95 plus p&p Not to be missed
19th March 2002 - 18.22 GMT from Joyce Gramza, Fulton, NY Hello List, I've just subscribed here for the purpose of posting a request for a worthy search effort. I am in upstate New York and don't know much about the UK.

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