About us

Pam Hinks became interested in Genealogy some 30 years ago whilst researching her family history. At the time of starting her research things were somewhat different from today.

Locating various records could take a considerable length of time especially if outside the United Kingdom, now information is so much easier and quicker to find, often by the click of the mouse on a computer, instead of the frustration of waiting for some time for somebody to reply if they did at all.

Some years ago Pam contacted the late Bill Gwilliam and arranged to meet him together with his son David with a view to ask permission to place Bill's work on the net for all to benefit from, Bill and his son happily agreed. Whilst adding various information to the site, a lot of time was spent searching through file after file, in some parts amendments were made eg. when a building changed etc.

Pam, continue's to research Worcester's history and Genealogy which led to an exciting  enquiry coming in from Canada, something which hopefully soon will be available on this site for all to see.

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