Crafts on the Severn

Bygone Traffic on the Severn

Category: Severn Crafts
The relative importance of river trade to places on Severn can be roughly gauged by the number of trading vessels which were owned at various places. A list was compiled in May 1756, and published in the Gentleman's Magazine of 1758, xxviii p.277-8
Welshpool 7 Between Bewdley and Worcester 13
Shrewsbury 19 Worcester 21
Cound and Buildwas 7 Between Worcester and Upton 2
Madelay Wood 39 Upton 5
Benthall 13 Tewksbury 18
Broseley 87 Evesham 2
Bridgenorth 75 The Hawe 4
Between Bridgnorth/Bewdley 10

Total 376

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